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Responsibilities and objectives of the Foundation

The Prof. Joachim Lenz Foundation was founded in 2003 by the Institute for Pipeline Construction with the aim of promoting further education for Eastern European students and university graduates. Prof. Joachim Lenz, who had long had the dream of becoming involved in youth exchanges, was appointed Chairman of the Foundation when he retired. In September 2014, Prof. Dr. Manfred Weisensee took over this office. After an amendment to the articles of association was entered in the register of associations in March 2019, the foundation was named "Stiftung Professor Joachim Lenz zur Förderung der Fort- und Weiterbildung ausländischer Hochschulabsolventinnen und -absolventen” [Prof. Joachim Lenz Foundation for the Promotion of the Further Education of Foreign University Graduates]. Thus, the basis and tasks of the foundation were also adapted by eliminating the regional limitation. The foundation can now be active worldwide! Professor Lenz used the international contacts he had established throughout the course of his professional career to make the foundation from the small town of Oldenburg known nationwide. Since its founding year, the foundation has maintained close relationships with several Eastern European universities, and continues its work to convince further universities, professors and companies both nationally and abroad of the purpose of the foundation and to encourage them to collaborate. This cooperation gave many young engineers the opportunity to further their education during a one-year internship in a German company, to experience our country, our language (and sometimes even the dialects) and culture up close, and to later disseminate the experience gained as multipliers in their home countries. For host companies, contacts are established with persons from countries with which potential business relations could be established. This way, all participants benefit from an internship. Would you like to complete a one-year internship in a German company or provide an internship for graduates of technical degree programs related to the field of pipeline construction?

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